First Utility District Of Carter County Tennessee

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Virtual Tour

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The utilities telemetry system: Most of our pump houses and all of our tanks are monitored by satellite link and we have real time data.

First Utility's filter plant and testing lab.

The utility uses 3 chemicals, chlorine, coagulant, and phosphate.
 The is one of the chemicals we use to provide the highest quality water.

These are photos of our pressure sand filters, (we have 4), and piping inside the plant.
The water quality is monitored and recorded 24 hours a day. Also some of the instruments we use to ensure your water quality.

The utility has emergency generator hookups at 4 key areas.
The generators will be able to supply 70% of the system with water if the power is out for long periods of time.
We are also planning on installing more hookups to help keep your water flowing to you in emergencies. 

Our storage building located beside the filter plant were our inventory is kept.



101 Scott Lane
Elizabethton, TN  37643-7447